Preparing Your Home for Back to School: Ways to Organize and Be Ready for Kids to Get On The Bus

Is your home covered with the clutter of summer? Swimsuits, towels, flip flops, library books, and sandy beach gear have found their way onto your floors and tables. The good news is: it’s time to pack up summer and all of its accompanying ‘stuff.’ The bad news? Tons of new stuff- school papers, backpacks and lunchboxes and more are getting ready to attack your home’s counter tops and other surfaces.

Getting organized now may help you have a better chance of staying organized for the school year. Here are some tips:

Say Goodbye to Summer

Ask everyone in your household to do their part saying ‘see ya’ to summer. Swimsuits can be folded and in drawers instead of hanging on doorknobs. Flip flops can go the closet instead of lying beside doorways. Pile up the beach towels and put them in a closet or large plastic container. Take summer books back to the library. Put beach and other swim items in the shed or garage. One piece of summer at a time being put away gives you room for the onslaught of back to school stuff.

Organize Back to School Space

Set up a shoe rack next to the door the kids use most frequently. Even if you need to write names on shoe cubbies, it will help kids realize there’s a place for everything. Clear off your kitchen, dining room and other tabletops and counters. Set up baskets- for each child or each school, in box and out box, so kids can put ‘things that need to be signed’ in a certain place and know where to pick up the return-to-school items. Asking kids to take a part in the paperwork process ensures they’ll get it back to teachers on time.

Arrange School Supplies

Pencils and paper and staplers, oh my! Now is the time, before school is in full swing, to open all those packages of pens, erasers, glue sticks and more, and organize them into your kids’ backpacks. Go ahead and line the backpacks up by the door or on a hook with the child’s name. If your kids know their backpack has a ‘home’ it may keep it from ending up under a bed or on the kitchen floor. The more organized you are (or pretend to be!) the more organized your kids will be, which will help you all save time and energy when the first day of school arrives, as well as the days which follow it.

School Lunch Order

Do your kids like to buy school lunches, or do you pack each day? Either way, it’s a great idea to organize the process of what your kids’ lunch routine will be. Tack up envelopes in the kitchen with kids’ names on them, where kids can grab their lunch money. Leave out a bowl of change if they’ll need it for milk or a snack. If you pack lunches, have lunchboxes cleaned and ready, with kids names written in permanent marker. Ask kids about their favorites and pick up lunch supplies before the big day arrives.

There’s no real easy way to be ready for the school forms, fundraiser packets and other school stuff that will be coming your way in the months ahead, but the better prepared and organized you and your kids are, the easier the flow of the school year will be.

Good luck!