Wood Fence Repair to Reinforce a Privacy Fence

wood fencing

A privacy fence is a barrier built to enclose a particular area, most often the back yard of a person’s home. The most common type of privacy fence is made from wood in a variety of designs and styles. Because wood is susceptible to the elements, it needs periodic care and maintenance with the best fencing materials to keep the fence looking good and to protect it from rot. If the privacy fence is well cared for, it should last for many years.

It is easy to check swimming pool safety fences or other privacy fences monthly to make sure it is in good condition or needs a little wood fence repair, according to Tim Carter of “Ask the Builder”.

Privacy fences are made from boards, pickets, posts, rails, metal sheeting, vinyl or chain-link. Chainlink, wrought iron and metal fences need relatively little maintenance if installed correctly. Wood privacy fences are the easiest fence material to work with and to repair. If a wooden privacy fence needs repair, follow the guidelines below to fix its various parts.

wood fence repair

Replacing a Wooden Privacy Fence Post

Using the best fence materials available, follow the steps below to reinforce a privacy fence post that has come loose.

  1. Remove the dirt from around the base of the fence post with a trowel to check for rot.
  2. Probe the base of the fence post with an old screwdriver to check if the wood is soft. Soft wood indicates the presence of rot.
  3. Detach the fence rails from the rotten fence post. Brace the privacy fence post to hold it firmly in place while removing the rotten post.
  4. Remove the rotten privacy fence post and any cement footing by digging them out.
  5. Replace the rotten fence post with a new pressure treated fence post. Lay gravel in the bottom of the hole and pour the cement footing around the new post. Check to be sure that the new post is level on two adjoining sides.
  6. Fill the posthole with additional cement and gravel as needed to secure the new fence post. Allow the cement to harden.
  7. Reattach the privacy fence rails to the new post. Paint or stain to match the rest of the fence.

Reinforcing a Sagging Privacy Fence or Gate

sagging fence gate

Wood fence repair for a sagging gate takes a little skill, but using the guidelines below will provide a new life for a sagging gate.

  1. Find the best location on the privacy fence or gate to strengthen it with a metal support. The corners are generally ideal.
  2. Using galvanized fence supports or brackets, strengthen the corners of the sagging area by attaching securely.
  3. Support the gate or fence in the position where it belongs by using a temporary brace. Install the metal brackets and supports to the privacy fence with nails or screws. Remove the bracing material.

Straightening a Sagging Gate on a Privacy Fence

In addition to reinforcing the privacy fence gate, sometimes it needs to be straightened due to becoming warped as a result of weather conditions. The following instructions can act as a guide to help make the gate useable again.

  1. Place an eye screw at the highest point on the sagging gate’s frame.
  2. Place a second eye screw across from the first on the diagonal.
  3. Install a turnbuckle on the gate frame between the two screws tightening it a little bit at a time until the gate frame is plumb.

Repairing a wood privacy fence is a simple matter and should be completed as soon as problems appear. Avoid long-term damage and the possibility of extensive maintenance by checking the condition of privacy fences periodically.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Trowel
  • Screwdriver
  • Pressure treated fence post
  • Gravel
  • Cement
  • Mixing container for cement
  • Galvanized fence brackets
  • Eye screws
  • Turnbuckle