How To Calculate Volume for a Water Garden Pond

water garden pond

Determine the Amount of Water Needed to Fill a Backyard Fish Pond

Water garden ponds, waterfalls and pond fountains are a wonderful addition to any landscape offering peaceful solitude and a lovely place for neighborhood wildlife and birds to congregate. Determining pond water volume can be confusing without the correct formula. It is necessary to be aware of the volume of the water garden pond to know what kind and number of fish can be supported in any given environment, as well as how much chemical is needed for pond algae control. Follow these steps to calculate the capacity of any water garden pond.

water garden pond

Measure the Pond and Record Findings

Decide whether the fish pond falls into one of the three most common shapes, either rectangular, circular, or oval with straight sides.

Using a tape, measure and only measuring the interior pool area of your water garden pond, measure the length, width and depth of the area holding water. The same formula may be used to calculate the amount of water necessary whether the pond is existing or being designed for later excavation.

Calculate Volume for a Backyard Water Garden

backyard water garden

For a rectangular or square water garden pond multiply the length x width x depth x 7.5. This formula will result in the total volume of the water garden pond.

For a circular water garden pond or pond fountain, multiply the diameter x diameter x depth x 5.9. The diameter is the measurement from one side to the other through the middle of the circle. Measure only the interior of the space. This will result in the total gallon capacity of your water garden pond or fountain.

For a garden fish pond that is an oval with straight sides, multiply length x width x depth x 6.7 for the total number of gallons of water volume.

If the water garden pond is free form in shape, divide it into the three basic shapes and measure each separately according to the directions above. Add the totals together to find the actual pond volume. For example, if the pond is a figure eight shape, measure the two circles then add them together.