5 Easy Window Cleaning Hacks

Window cleaning can be frustrating most times. You clean and you end up with barely clean windows. Homeowners avoid the cleaning process because of the same reason. In some cases, they just resort to leaving the cleaning to a professional window cleaner, and even that doesn’t seem to leave the windows clean for long. The entire process may be hard but keeping our windows clean doesn’t need to be a something you dread. You can use your own homemade cleaners that will leave a pro proud of the work you have done. So what can you do to keep them clean during and after the cleaning process?

Don’t underestimate the power of a squeegee

Homeowners are usually discouraged by the appearance of streaks when they finish cleaning the window. In many cases this happens because of what is used when cleaning and how t s used. However, with the help of a squeegee, you can be spared from the appearance of those annoying streaks. It is even a favorite for the professional cleaners. Make your way to any home improvement store, and you will be able to find the appropriate one for the size of your window.

Invest in home cleaners

Many do not believe in the power that lies in the use of homemade cleaners. This is a very common misconception which has led them to invest in commercially made cleaners which are not necessary. A solution of water, detergent, and vinegar works we perfectly even more than other cleaners that can do better. Use a spray bottle to spray some of the vinegar solutions on the window, rinse and wipe t off.


This trick is old, but it works none the less. Look for an old newspaper and use t to dry off the window. If there’s no newspaper, you can opt for a lint free towel which works as well. If you have a coffee after hang around you can also make use of it on the window.

The surprise in backboard cleaners

Surprised? Don’t be as they can clean off those streaks on the window and are lint free. It is available in the local stores.

Details, details, details

The small details can make a huge difference to the look of your window so make sure you clean off the windows with clean tools with no left residue on them.